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Learn to Prepare for Surgery and Recover Faster with Mind-Body Techniques

Did you know that your attitude and expectations have a major impact on your health as well as any kind of surgery or medical or dental procedure you may be planning? You CAN prepare for surgery, reduce anxiety, and recover faster when you empower yourself by being an active participant in the process.

Bela’s compassion and expertise put me at ease and prepared me for the biggest challenge of my life, brain surgery. I am grateful for her support and the incredible gift she shares.” – K.B.

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Bela Friedman will guide you to prepare for surgery and recover faster.

Bela has assisted dozens of patients on the best way to prepare for surgery and recover faster, and she can help you as well. You will be empowered by learning mind-body techniques to reduce stress before surgery, use less pain medication and heal faster.

Bela is compassionate, intuitive, and fully trained and certified in the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Workshop™, created by Peggy Huddleston. Bela is also a certified life and energy coach and certified clinical hypnotherapist – and will help you become a more relaxed and confident patient through research-proven mind-body techniques. Read more about Bela here.  

In your workshop, you will learn the five steps to prepare for surgery:

  • Calm the preoperative jitters while guided by the relaxation CD or MP3 recording.
  • Visualize your recovery by turning worries into healing imagery.
  • Surround yourself in love of family and friends to feel calm before surgery.
  • Using healing statements, words spoken during surgery that can reduce the use of pain meds up to 50%.
  • Meeting an anesthesiologist to request the use of healing statements.


  • Christiana Northrop, MD, Surgeon and past president, American Holistic Medical Association; Author, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom – “Most complete program approaching surgery with maximal healing power.”
  • Lawrence H. Cohn, MD, Cardiac Surgeon, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Virginia and James Hubbard Professor of Cardiac Surgery, Harvard Medical School – “Patients with unusually high levels of anxiety use Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster to go forward with surgery in a confident manner.”
  • Andrew T. Weil, MD, Director, Program in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona; Author, 8 Weeks to Optimum Health“I recommend Peggy Huddleston’s program to all who require surgery and want to recover fast.”

Additional Resources

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Contact Bela and find out how she can support you.

If you would like support with an upcoming surgery or procedure, contact her today for a free 30-minute consultation.



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